The “must haves” to start a sensory analysis program.

Let’s start with the budget.

It is common to imply that a substantial budget is needed in order to start a sensory analysis program. The costs associated with the purchase of the sensory booths, the training of the panel and the availability of software for the management and statistical processing are considered the main factors that hinder the adoption of sensory tests and analyses.

Does the budget make a difference?

However, budget is only one side of the issue. Today, thanks to the solutions available on the market, it is possible to start a sensory analysis program progressively, by gradually acquiring the skills and materials necessary to transform the subjective assessments, which today are performed within most companies into objective results. This approach, which we can define as LEAN, focuses on a light and efficient operational management style since it aims at the result and the creation of measurable and quality outputs using just the right amount resources for that specific request of the moment.

The “must haves” for a sensory analysis program.

We’ve split up the list of important items to kickstart a sensory program. Here they are, listed in order of priority.

  • Technical & scientific skills. Those are the basis of sensory science. There are several training courses on the subject, available online or in person and with different levels of complexity ( we suggest the Sensory Project Manager courses organized by the Italian Society of Sensory Analysis (SISS) or by the Spanish Sensory Professionals Association (AEPAS). Our team supports companies and research centers with training and advisory services aimed at kick-starting an internal sensory analysis program, from test design to result interpretation and decision-making. View more information about Smart Sensory Solutions’ services
  • The panel is the fundamental element to perform sensory tests.There are