Are you interested in kickstarting a sensory program in your company?

Are you looking for new sensory test methods?

Do you want to know more about Consumer Science?

Do you need help on statistics?


Our team supports companies and research centers with training and advisory services aimed at kick-starting an internal sensory analysis program, from test design to result interpretation and decision-making.

We support companies during the adoption, implementation and management of sensory analysis, consumer science and customer satisfaction programs.


We provide theoretical-practical training courses to start a sensory analysis or consumer science program. From scientific principles to technical notions to be immediately operational and successfully apply the main methods of analysis.

  • Theoretical and practical training of panel leaders
  • Training for panel members
  • Refresher courses on new sensory methods and on the main statistical tools for data processing (classical and multivariate)


We provide support and coaching throughout the planning phase,from the first steps in the field of sensory analysis and consumer
tests to full decisional autonomy. Start lean, grow organically according to your needs and proceed independently when you feel ready.

  • Identification of “Must To Have ” and “Nice To Have“ items to set up an analysis laboratory tailored to your needs (including budgetary constraints)
  • Vertical panel training on specific products (food and non-food)
  • Constant technical support, from experimental design to statistical processing, including the choice of the most appropriate analysis methods


We provide specific consulting services in the field of sensory analysis, consumer science, customer satisfaction and marketing. From product conceptualization to the launch phase, to performance analysis. An al