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Turn people into a qualified consumer panel

Recruit people everywhere and build your balanced panel based on your experimental design: demographics, allergies, testing sites and product expertise information.

Select and train your panel, monitor its performance and manage rewards with our dedicated tools.

  • Customizable pre-screening and registration form
  • Intuitive Panel Manager dashboard
  • Personalized emails
  • Anonymous mode testing
  • Password access option
  • Rewards manager


Collect powerful insights on your product and your customers

The Smart Sensory box test modules are designed to work independently. Select the ones that best fit your needs, build your questionnaire in any language and share it with your panel via QR-Code.

  • Discrimination Tests (e.g. Triangle, Tetrad, Duo-Trio, 2 out 5)
  • Profiling (Quantitative-Descriptive test)
  • Panel Training (e.g. Basic Tastes, Matching, Threshold)
  • Quality Control (e.g. Difference from Reference, Degree of Difference, In/Out, COI oil and olive test, OIV Wine test)
  • Consumer Test (Liking and Acceptance test, Purchase Interest, Likert and Jar scale)
  • Projective Methods (Projective Mapping, Napping, Free Sorting)
  • Quick Methods (e.g. CATA, Free Choice Profile, Flash Profiling)
  • Directional Methods (e.g. Ranking, Pairwise, Paired Comparison)
  • Temporal Methods (e.g. TDS, Time Intensity)