Customize your solution

Our solution is a well suited tool for companies and researchers looking for an entry-level yet scalable platform to meet their growing needs for sensory analysis. Identify and measure the drivers of liking to enhance your marketing campaigns, build preference maps to segment your customers, understand how the perception of a product evolves during its consumption, identify potential improvements through the penalty analysis.

Ready to Start

Our modular software allow you to implement a sensory program in your company step-by-step. No specific training is needed. Just choose between 20 different pre-configured test protocols and start collecting reliable data with a customized solution.
Some examples:

  • Identify and reject products that show gross deviations from your typical production with the In/Out Test
  • Determine how much any production sample varies from a control product with the Difference from Control Test
  • Determine whether product differences result from a change in ingredients, processing, packaging or storage with the Triangle Test

Advanced tools in a simple interface

Just by dragging and dropping the various test modules into the Sequence Tool you can easily build a well-structured combination of sensory and consumer tests, add survey elements and design advanced samples randomization with few clicks.

  • Combine liking, CATA and ideal product questionnaires for a consumer-led product optimization study
  • Describe the temporal evolution of the different sensations developed during food consumption through dynamic methods
  • Sort a set of products and collect (dis)similarities with an holistic approach with the projective mapping methods