Does Smart Sensory Solutions have a cloud version?

Yes. You can choose to use Smart Sensory Solutions with a physical device or go for a full cloud licence. We also have intermediate/hybrid solutions. Contact us for additional information.

Does Smart Sensory Solutions need maintenance?

If you chose the cloud version, maintenance on the servers is done periodically by us. No action is required from the user.
The physical device we provide to the “box” users, is a very robust and reliable piece of hardware. However, electronic devices, as all things, will eventually break over time. If your Smart Sensory Box stops working, send it back to us and we’ll replace it for free.

How do I install my Smart Sensory Box?

Once you unpack your Smart Sensory Box, just plug it into the power supply and switch it on. The system will start-up and will create a wi-fi network. Use your PC or Tablet to access the network and launch your Chrome browser. You will see the Smart Sensory Solutions home screen and you’ll be ready to go.
If you chose the online version, just type your cloud URL and log in to with the provided credentials. Log in is required for panel leaders only. Panellists can access freely.

How does the box work?

The box is a mini server equipped with a wi-fi antenna. When you switch it on it will create a wi-fi intranet network to which the users can connect their devices (Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones). Once they are connected, the user can launch the Google Chrome browser and the Smart Sensory Solutions start page will appear in the home page. In order to work locally, the panel leader and the panellists’ devices must be connected to the SSB via wi-fi. The panel leader must log in with the given credentials, while the panellists can access freely.

What happens if I need support after the purchase?

Our customer support service is active. Just sent an email to specifying your issue and we’ll contact you right away.

How can I start to use it?

If you wish to see how it works and you want to test it, ask us for a demo. We’ll send you a link to pick your preferred date and time and we’ll send you a videocall link. After the call, you will have a free 30-day non-binding trial period of the full version of Smart Sensory Solutions.

To which sectors I can apply Smart Sensory Solutions and Sensory/Consumer Science?

Sensory and consumer research can be applied to virtually any consumption good. Smart Sensory Solutions is designed to accommodate all types of research. We also offer customised solutions, training and advisory services.

How can I install new additional tests?

If you wish to add new tests to your licence, please send us an email with your request.

Is Smart Sensory Solutions software update process automatic?

It’s a very simple procedure which takes less than 10 minutes for us to complete. We inform beforehand the user of the planned update in order to avoid disruptions.

Is it possible to customise my solution?

Smart Sensory Solutions’s settings offer already a wide range of customizations. However, if you need to adapt something in your Smart Sensory box to a specific test design or if you need a customized feature, please contact us

Does Smart Sensory Solutions have a licence?

Smart Sensory Solutions works with a licence. The first purchase includes the licence for the following 12 months. After that the licence has to be renewed. Not-for-profit entities such research institutions and public universities have a special license. They are not required to renew the licence after the first year.

How is licence renewed?

When the licensed period is about to expire, you will receive an email from our customer service with the renewal offer. Once accepted, we’ll send you the new licence. The procedure to upload in your Smart Sensory Solutions it’s a very quick process that takes less than one minute to complete.

How does the free trial period work?

After our demo call, we will activate a free 30-day non-binding trial period of the full version. During this period we will be at your disposal if you need advice on how to use our product and how to adapt it to your needs.