Come and meet us (in person, finally!)

As things hopefully start going back to normal, here are the next sensory science events we’re going to take part to.

Sensory Science events are back in person and we’re going to be there

This new year will hopefully see some gradual steps in the direction of normality, at least as far as Sensory Science events and meetings are concerned.

We missed a lot being able to talk to the sensory community members: experts, newcomers, lecturers and researchers, technicians and people from the various industries. We all have in common a goal that is to use sensory knowledge to improve people’s life quality.

But this year, we’ve already started our engines for at least two fine events which will take place in the next months.

7th SISS National Conference in Matera

Our friends at SISS-Società Italiana di Scienze Sensoriali (Read here about their latest research) are organising the 7th National Conference on Sensory and Consumer Science, in collaboration with the University of Basilicata (happy SSB users since 2019).

This Sensory Science event will take place in April, from the 27th to the 28th in beautiful Matera, 2019 EU Culture Capital, whose old town is home to the legendary ancient “Sassi” houses are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

The conference will be articulated in three main sessions dedicated to sustainability, health and new methods.
Here’s the link to the conference page on the SISS website

We’re very much looking forward to taking part in this conference, since the last SISS meeing was held in Bologna in 2016 and was SSB’s debut in a sensory event.

EUROSENSE 2022 – 10th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research

Organised by the European Sensory Science Society (E3S) and the ATJ Sensory Science Division of the Finnish Society of Food Science and Technology the 10th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research is titled ‘A Sense of Earth’.

After an online event (read a summary here) hosted virtually in Rotterdam in December 2020, Eurosense 2022 is a very welcome change for all sensory people in the EU and abroad. This Sensory science event will take place in September, from the 13th to the 16th, in the ancient Finnish city of Turku, founded in 1229 and home of Turku University.

As stated on the official conference website, the topic of the conference is ‘A Sense of Earth’, with a specific attention to innovative approaches to study sensory perception in relation to preference, choice, and other types of behavior from a global perspective.

If you want a taste of Smart Sensory box now, don’t wait for the conferences!

We’ll be very happy to travel and meet all the delegates at these two Sensory Science events.

We’ll be there to show how much Smart Sensory box has grown as a product and as a team.

Of course, there is no need to wait until April or September to check out what Smart Sensory box has to offer.

Book a call with one of our experts to see how we can help you create the perfect software solution for your needs at the right price.