2021 has brought us new features, new clients and a lot of good ideas for the future

New Features – Everything You Need to Know.

These last 12 months, with the COVID-19 pandemic showing up in waves every now and then, have put a strain on everybody’s daily routine. We’ve come to a point that, we sometimes have a hard time remembering how we used to do things before this whole mess came up.
At Smart Sensory Box, we managed to keep it together and help people with their sensory analysis work and our efforts have been rewarded. Notwithstanding the overall situation, we experienced a growth in terms of new clients who started using our product and new markets in which SSB is making its way in.

Let’s go through our main accomplishments for this year.

Regarding the product’s development and the new features. The Internet of Senses cloud tool for remote and home testing surely helped our clients to finish their projects in time and deliver results, especially when combined with the Sequence tool or the Survey tool.

These two new add-ons allow users to create complex testing strategies while keeping the interface as simple and as usable as ever.

And now for some news on the future: new features!

This 2022 will see the delivery of other new features such as the Panel Performance tool. We have also just launched our new website, equipped with a new configurator tool
The configurator will help you to create the perfect combination of sensory tests and add-ons for your needs. This is possible thanks to Smart Sensory box’s modular design, which allows every user to build a customised version of our software.

  • complete the configuration procedure on the website and ask us for a quote

  • receive an additional markdown

The Smart Sensory box team wishes you a Merry Christmas