New logo, new features and international events!

As a tech company, our goal is to strive to improve everything about us, our services and our product. This also includes the way we communicate with the general public and the kind of image we wish to project outside. We’ve been up to several new things in all of these different fields over the last few months and now it’s time to share them with you, starting from the most evident. So, without further ado: here is our new logo!

A change of clothes

After the launch of the unique “box” solution, we needed to tell the world about the other side of our product: the web version, cloud computing, Internet of Senses and consultancy services.
We did it with a new logo, made of essential traits, functional and strong yet dynamic. We also chose to put in this rebranding our full company name Smart Sensory Solutions, to show and highlight all of our team’s voices and all of our product’s versions.

The innovative, box-operated “Local” version is still one of the available licences of our product. An easy way to digitalize your lab or to transform any premise anywhere in a sensory testing site, using any digital device, without giving up the power and the simplicity of the cloud applications.

We’re very excited to show you Smart Sensory Solutions’ new “clothes”.
Same contacts, way cooler than before!

New Logo Smart Sensory Solutions

Furthermore, product update!

Of course, adopting a new logo changes our external appearance. But what about the product? There are quite a lot of new things available from this month.
Our product’s latest version 2.10.0, freshly released in these days, includes:

  • Password protected panel room. This new feature allows the user to restrict the access to the panel room and set up a welcome message for authenticated users. When active, only authorised panellists are able to access the panel room and see/operate the active tests, using the password provided. This feature is useful when the testing environment requires an unambiguous access of the panellists, such as in the case of certified tests (e.g., official olive oil panels) or whenever we want to make sure that only the people selected can access the testing interface (e.g., during consumer tests)

  • Automatic pairing between panellist and tray. This option helps to make easier, faster and less prone to errors the testing phase, reducing the operations the panellist has to perform before starting the session. It’s useful for consumer tests and for all those situations in which there is no need to assign a specific sequence of samples to a specific panellist.
  • A new option for showing the attributed. As opposed to our default configuration, it is now possible for the panel leader to choose whether the test attributes should be shown to the panellists one at a time or in the same screen, depending on how they are trained to take the test. The feature can be switched on or off with a simple click in the settings panel.

  • Multi-lingual interface. We pride ourselves to produce a simple and intuitive software with a very steep learning curve for new users, thanks to our optimised UI (User Interface). In order to improve usability even more, we’re releasing multi-lingual version of the interface. The translation is not automated, as it’s been made by sensory experts that are also native speakers. Users are now one click away from visualizing the software and the (very few) system buttons in their language. As of today, English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are available. We’re working on French, German, Hebrew. Is there a language you would like to have on your Smart Sensory software? Please let us know!

  • Improved data storage and search. A new test screen is active now. It contains the list of past tests. You can recover data and settings from a previously used test module by searching for it in the search box using keywords. The user can also choose how many tests should be shown in one page.

  • User Experience (UX) improvements.

EuroSense 2022 is coming!


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